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Enroll your child today and give them the gift of a joyful learning journey, where they'll grow, explore, and flourish in an environment that feels like home, yet is designed to prepare them for a bright future.

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Take Your Child's First Steps...

Immerse your child in Temple Tots Preschool Program, where curiosity leads to discovery in a world rich with educational adventures. Here, every day is a journey filled with fun, learning, and the warmth of Christian values.

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Building the Foundation for Lifelong Learning and Values.

Grow All Around

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Faith Foundation

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Love Learning

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A Typical Day At Temple Tots!

6:30-7:30 AM

Arrival and Welcome: A gentle start to the day where children are greeted by their teachers and friends.

7:30 AM

Morning Bible Story Time

8:00 AM

Breakfast: Nutritious meals served with love, catering to all dietary needs.

8:30 AM

Circle Time: We gather to share stories, sing songs, and discuss the day ahead.

8:45 AM

Learning Activities: Engaging and interactive sessions focusing on literacy, math, and science concepts.

10:00 AM

Snack Time: A healthy snack to refuel and refresh.

10:30 AM

Outdoor Play: Time to stretch those little legs in our safe outdoor play area, weather permitting.

11:00 AM

Fine Motor Journal Work: Activities like writing, drawing, and cutting, aimed at boosting students' fine motor skills.

11:30 AM

Lunch Time: Nutritious meals served with love, catering to all dietary needs.

12:15 PM

Quiet Time/Nap: A peaceful break for rest or quiet activities to recharge for the afternoon.

1:30 PM

Gross Motor Skills: Time to stretch those little legs in our safe outdoor play area, weather permitting.

2:15 PM

Bible stories and daily devotional.

3:00 PM

Circle Time Review: Reflect on our day's journey, filled with learning and smiles.

3:30 PM

Childcare Begins!

4:00-5:30 PM

Classroom Learning Continues!

5:30 PM

Prepare for the end of the day.

6:00 PM

End of Day!

Extended Care Options:

For families needing additional flexibility, we offer extended care from 6:30 AM to 6:00 PM for no extra cost!

Our daily schedule is designed to balance educational objectives with the natural rhythms of young children, promoting a love for learning while respecting their need for play and rest.

Ready To Join The Temple Tots Family? 
Here’s how to get started:

Contact Us

Reach out to us to schedule a visit or learn more about our programs.

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Visit Our Preschool

See our learning environment firsthand, meet our team, and discover what makes us special.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to give your child the best start in their journey.

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Welcome Aboard!

Complete the enrollment process to secure your child’s place in our next class!

Health and Safety: 
Our Happy Promise

Safety Squad

Our teachers and staff are trained superheroes in first aid and emergency procedures, always ready to protect and care for your child.

Healthy Heroes

From nutritious snacks to active playtime, we champion healthy habits that keep bodies strong and minds sharp.

Allergy Awareness

We're on high alert for allergies, crafting meal and snack times that are safe and inclusive for everyone.

Outdoor Adventures

Our playtime is not just fun; it's also safe. With secure outdoor spaces designed for little adventurers, we ensure the great outdoors is great in every way.

Sparkling Clean Spaces

Our classrooms and play areas are more than just bright and cheerful; they're scrubbed and sanitized daily to keep germs at bay.


Quality Education Made Affordable

We believe every child deserves the best start, without breaking the bank.

Our programs are designed to offer top-notch learning experiences at prices that make sense for families.

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